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Great!!! that you have decided for correct type of insurance plan for yourself. But you should be prudent in choosing from more than 60 term plans of 24 Life Insurance Companies in India.


We have helped thousands of customers get right cover; will help you choose the best term insurance product in the market.

Term Insurance India

Best Guide to buy Term Insurance

Know your term insurance provider

You do not buy any product without knowing the manufacturer, do you?

Know all you wanted to know about your term insurance provider in India....Read More

Claims Settlement by Life Insurance Co.

Normally, insurance companies settle a variety of claims each year. These claims may be survival claim, maturity claim, surrender claim and death claim. One figure that....Read More

Product by Term Insurance Company

Scroll all the term insurance plans under one roof from the comprehensive list of term insurance products. Eg Online Term Plan, Increasing Term Plan, Decreasing term plan, Family....Read More

Term Insurance Product for your family

How much premium should I pay for Term Insurance?

There was a time a few years ago when if you asked any insurance agent how much premium he should pay for the...Read More

Are you confused-Single Premium or Regular Premium Term Plan?

When you plan to buy a Term Insurance plan, the first thing that comes to your mind is....Read More

Term Insurance Cover- Have you got your number right?

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What in case term insurance proposal is rejected?

Mr Rancho had lead very lively life and followed a strict exercising regime. He was shocked to receive a communication from...Read More

How to buy term Insurance Policy?

If you are one of the thousands of knowledgeable people who have realized the need to buy term cover to protect your family....Read More

Step by step guide to buying term insurance

Term insurance is one of the easiest insurance plans to comprehend. Buying term plan is equally easy. Here is your step-by...Read More

Different Types of term insurance plan in India

Currently there are different term insurance plan available in market as Online term Plan, Level Term Plan, Increasing Term...Read More

List of help desk or grievance cell of Life Insurance Companies

Many policy holder are having grievance and want to know address where...Read More

Be in total control with insurance riders

A million dollar question that may have been asked a million times “Do riders make sense with term insurance”...Read More

Home Loan Insurance

Having paid the booking amount to the builder for the beautiful apartment house, Anirban and Neerja were very excited. They have been searching for the....Read More

Myths about Term Insurance

Much of what you've heard about insurance may be half trust or pure myth. These can cost you dearly as you may end up...Read More

Who is a Non Smoker for Term Insurance Plan

Many people are very excited about getting favourable rates on term plans. However, few know what the guidelines on...Read More

What if the term life Insurance policy claim is rejected?

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